12 Apr 2007

How to Get Your Flickr Photos More Views

I’ve been on for about a year now then I decided to upgrade to Pro last January 2007. I’ve never imagine that I would spend $24.95 USD per year on a photo gallery like Flickr. Until one day Flickr gave me a pro account for 1 month. Nice tactic Flickr!

So now because I’m paying for the service, I have to make full use of it. Being a part of flickr community, there’s nothing better than having someone else viewing the photos that you upload on your flickr.

These are few things that you should consider if you’re using Flickr:

  • Make sure that your account is not flagged as (Not in Public Site Areas)
  • to your photo. Make sure that the tags that you’re assigning are relevant
  • Add a of your Flickr Photo Stream in your blog
  • Add more friends
  • Join any suitable
  • Choose the right Title for your photo
  • Socialize yourself on Flickr
  • Add any to your photos

I haven’t do most it but theoretically it should work. This is because the majority of flickr users are damn nice and friendly people. You might also want to check out .


  1. Nice! How did you get the 1 month trial? I want to convert to pro account as well this year. :D

  2. Zeo

    Chapree Da Grande,

    This is the message that I got regarding my free pro account, 1 month of Pro Account status fell from the sky on to You (a gift from Flickr to say sorry.)

    AFAIK, there’s no such thing as a TRIAL Pro account at flickr.

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