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10 May 2008

iTerm keep-alive

This is a note to self on how to enable iTerm keep-alive or anti-idle option. Open iTerm. Go to Bookmarks → Manage Profiles… . In Profiles window, browse to Terminal Profiles and expand the menu by clicking the triangle. Choose and click on Default. Tick the “When idle, sends ASCII code” and set its value [...]

09 Jan 2008

How to Fix iPhone Stuck Pixel

When I wake my iPhone this morning, I was greeted by a tiny green dot right in the middle of my iPhone screen. At first I thought it was a dead pixel but my iPhone was actually experiencing a stuck pixel. After failing to fix this problem using Knox iPhone Stuck Pixel Fix app for [...]

30 Aug 2007

Saving Notes using GMail

Lately, I’ve created myself a strange method of saving notes, URL, to-do list by using GMail (or Google Apps GMail). Yes it’s silly in some way but yet it’s effective. I don’t use a standalone mail application (Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Mac OSX Mail) to manage my email and rather comfortable accessing my mails through [...]

12 Apr 2007

I’ve been on Flickr for about a year now then I decided to upgrade to Pro last January 2007. I’ve never imagine that I would spend $24.95 USD per year on a photo gallery like Flickr. Until one day Flickr gave me a pro account for 1 month. Nice tactic Flickr! So now because I’m [...]