17 Dec 2006

KL WordPress December 2006 Meetup – the aftermath

First of all, my sincere apology for the confusion on the actual meetup venue. Seriously I didn’t realize that Berjaya Times Square KL got 3 Starbucks (now why the heck there are 3 in the same building). I arrived a bit late at the venue due to traffic jam and problem finding a parking spot. This is one of the reasons why I hate going to KL by car. Most of the time, I travel by Putra LRT or KL Monorail.

I got the chance to meet some familiar Malaysian bloggers (of course WordPress users) in person, new and also some random babes. It was a pleasure meeting you guys.

Like any other WordPress Meetup, we mainly talk about WordPress. Topics covered like WordPress installation problem, importing from other blogging platform (the hardest part), WordPress plugin show and tell, WordPress plugin recommendation and of course what’s the best way to maintain your WordPress blog quality and traffic (SEO related).

The most interesting part of our discussion was about WordPress upgrade or update. It’s unacceptable for someone to say that upgrading WordPress is hard unless you’re hacking the core files. We shares some tips on how to do a perfect backup before doing an upgrade or update (manually or from SVN). Oh yeah! Updating or upgrading WordPress from SVN is easy if you own 10 or more WordPress powered blog on one server.

During the meetup, I announced about the new WordPress Malaysia Support site for WordPress generously hosted and sponsored by Automattic Inc. You can visit the site at http://malaysia.wordpress.net. Everything is currently in default mode – blog powered by WordPress and the forum is powered by bbPress. I’m looking to hire someone that could do some kickass design for both blog and forum.

The blog and forum shares the same login so you don’t need to register twice. The discussion will be either in Malay, Chinese and Indian (3 primary races in Malaysia).

The primary project is to localize WordPress into Malay. If you like to volunteer along with me and few others in this project, write me an email at zeo at unic.net.my with subject ‘WordPress Malaysia Volunteer’. This project and the site is non-profit unlike any other site that shares the same goal. This would be the best way to say Thank You to the WordPress team by volunteering, contributing and also promoting WordPress.

Since I’m still recovering from yesterday fatigue (the meetup ended at 7.00 PM. Phew!), I’ll write more briefly about the stuff that we discuss on my next entry. Again, sorry to those that couldn’t find me and yeah the place is a bit crowded since its Saturday.

To those that got the WordPress t-shirt and stickers from me, don’t forget to thank Maya Desai.


  1. punya la byk gamba aku kasi, satu je ko display.

  2. Zeo

    Tak reti ako display gambar bebanyak. Slow lak nnt loading. Bak kata ko, save bandwidth! Yang lain nnt ako upload kat flickr.

  3. nak gak tengok gamba…

    nice.. i didn’t even know that there’s 3 strabuck cafe kat situ… but ok la gak, tahun depan dah ade experience dah..

    sorry didnt go man… i thoght you guys are like adults… i don’t hang out with adults.. maybe next year..

  4. Laaaa…I actually stopped by to look for the gathering before going to work. I frantically go to all 3 Starbucks around 3:00PM tapi tak nampak pun orang pakai baju WordPress LOL.

    Plus, I didn’t know you put your phone number kat sini *dush!*. Well, see you guys next time and keep on updating abou the WP project ^_^

  5. berapa puluhan ribuan org gi mr zeo?
    tahun depan ada lagi tak? kerugiannya aku >_

  6. [...] For that, I’ll just quote interesting bits about the meetup direct from Zeo’s latest post: [...]

  7. Couldn’t come man, although I really wanted to. I hope there will be a next WP Meetup in the future.

    - MENJ

  8. tulah lain kali jangan lambat … wakakakakakkakka

  9. uuuik.. how come kuku’s face so round wan over here? no smilie like me?

  10. tul cakap ejon..punyalah banyak gambo dia amik..satu je display kat sini..save keje ke save bandwidth.?? LOL

  11. Zeo

    Yatz, semua gambar dia ejon kasi ade si kepakz. Malas nak edit kepala dia jadi kepala ultraman.

    Siapa yang tak datang tu, bulan depan ada lagi. Aktiviti bulanan kot meetup ni :)

  12. Siti

    deng!! kena kumpul duit dulu baru leh join.. huhuhu~

  13. Zeo

    Meetup ni tak semestinya kena kat KL. Yang ako organize ni KL WordPress Meetup. Kalau ko dok kat Sarawak, g la wat Sarawak WordPress Meetup.

  14. hahaha..apa susah..hitamkan je kapla tuh..huahuahuahua..
    next month ada lagi yek.? cun cun..looking forward to it..ada gak activiti sehat..hahaha..

  15. btw, if you like, you could hire me…

  16. tj

    It’s actually a voluntary work.
    I can say it’s a non-profit project.
    Am I right Zeo ?

  17. daNiaz

    just suprised him, coz dat day de byk majlis nak kene hadir, budget cm x sempat but akhirnya… alhamdulillah! u guys so ‘majmuk’ ;)

    saje nak tengok, dengar & etc.. (kire nyebok la ni) next time nak suprise kan bro lg lah huhuhu >:P

  18. Mike Thelman

    Please let us know, when the next meeting will take pace and where. I’d like to join you guys…

  19. Haah.. bagitau lar bila nak buat lagi. Hidup wordpress!

  20. weh zeo kalau aku nak lepak ngan ko leh tak?……hahaha lame tak jumpa ko erk…..ko nie mendiamkan diri jerk bukan nak lepaks kat kayjay lepak kawasan baru ker hhahahhaa……