30 Aug 2007

Saving Notes using GMail

Lately, I’ve created myself a strange method of saving notes, URL, to-do list by using GMail (or Google Apps GMail). Yes it’s silly in some way but yet it’s effective. I don’t use a standalone mail application (Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Mac OSX Mail) to manage my email and rather comfortable accessing my mails through the standard web-based mail interface.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Copy anything text, URL
  2. Open your GMail account
  3. Click Compose Mail
  4. At the Compose Mail page, put a Subject or left it blank. The recipient or To should be left blank. Paste back what you copy before. Edit or add something to suit your need.
  5. When you’re done, click Save Now
  6. You can access it back by going to Draft. Or you can create a unique label for it for easy access from Labels list at the left hand corner.

I opened my email almost everyday so this way it’s nearly impossible to skip or forgot what ever notes that I saved there in the Draft.


  1. You might also find Google Notes helpful.

  2. Zeo

    mellow_bunny, not thinking of using another Google Service. I’ll probably forget about it.

  3. Tim

    Kinda messy :P. I use Opera’s built-in Notes feature… or Vista’s Sidebar thingie.

  4. Zeo

    Tim, not working for me. Before, I’ve use Dashboard Stickies (OS X) and Firefox’s Sticky Notes addon.

  5. i always use this note functions…wemmm..very usefull…BTW why nuffnang did’nt show ads on our page..

  6. This really is a neat idea, I just started doing this the other day as I was stumbling the Internet, so that I could add different cool websites to my list of resources. Very good idea, certainly much faster than sending yourself an email.