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22 Apr 2007

During step 2 while installing Yahoo! Messenger on Windows, I recommend that you choose Custom Install instead of Typical Install. This way, you could avoid installing Yahoo! Toolbar and Yahoo! Browser Services by default. Other than that 2 products, you can also avoid the installation program to make Yahoo! your default search engine and [...]

18 Apr 2007

SVN: Update To Older Revision

This probably come in handy if the current revision that you’ve updated to had a problem. svn update -r REV, where REV is the previous revision number before the problem occur.

09 Apr 2007

Bringing the Dead to Life

There are few projects that I left untouched for few month due to work overload and girlfriend. Since now everything seems to be back to normal, I’m going to spend some quality time with those dead projects. Help?

08 Apr 2007

George W Bush a failure?

Yes, according to Google which is rank #1 for “failure” on their search result. It even goes to the President of the United States page if you search for “failure” and press “I’m feeling lucky”.

03 Apr 2007

Digg Button Invasion

I wonder what’s the point of having a Digg button on every entry of your blog. Do I need to Digg your entry about your dying cat? Seriously, does it worth Digging? Don’t even think to blame it on the Digg plugins that you install because of the API hooks.

29 Mar 2007

My Mom Turns 63 Today

She is a very strong person. That’s all I can say about her. “Selamat hari jadi mak! Moga panjang umur dan murah rezeki”. Like usual, tomorrow (which suppose today) we’re going out for lunch together somewhere in Shah Alam.

27 Mar 2007

Exabytes Launches Exabytes Security Portal

Exabytes, a well-known web hosting provider in Malaysia today launches its very own Security Portal. In this portal (or I would say a blog), Exabytes tries to bring latest security updates and news to their clients and customers along with possible solutions. According to their latest security newsletter, In future, you don’t have to worry [...]