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10 Mar 2011

This domain is

… 9 years old

08 Jun 2009

Malaysia PlayStation®Store

Malaysia PlayStation®Store is officially launched – finally.

17 Apr 2009 System Refresh

Some thing never change. Animated GIF FTW!

06 Jan 2009

WTH? MacBook Wheel

One button. Endless possibilities? Nothing’s more simple than a single giant button — Brian Gilman (“Apple Senior Product Innovator”) What the hell?

26 Jan 2008

Can’t Access iTunes Store with Maxis Wireless Broadband

It’s almost been two week since I use Maxis Wireless Broadband using the supplied Huawei E220 USB modem. Until today I still not able to access iTunes Store. It seems fine if I’m connecting using Maxis 3G from my phone, but not if I’m connecting using Maxis Wireless Broadband (Maxis High-Speed 3G broadband). My wild [...]

04 Dec 2007

I has Apple iPhone

…and a happy birthday to me. If you’re wondering, I’m not using it as a phone but instead as a replacement for my old and boring iPod nano. I guess now I’m one of those iPhone owner in Malaysia. Even without unlocking the phone function, this thing is simply amazing.

30 Oct 2007

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse != Soap

On the 2nd day of Syawal 1428, my mom made a hilarious joke. My mom thought that my Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse is a soap. I laughed my ass off and almost cried myself.