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01 Jun 2007

Hide PHP errors using htaccess

By default, the PHP display_errors setting is set on. You can read more about display_errors at PHP: Error Handling and Logging Functions. There are few important things that you should know about the error messages that is sent to the browser by display_errors. Usually these error messages contains sensitive information about the web application environment [...]

31 May 2007

I Can Has MacBook

Just a short update on my “Help me buy a MacBook” report for week 3. You won’t be hearing anymore of this until I purchase the MacBook that I promised to buy. Finally, all donation funds for my MacBook have completed and successfully transferred to my local bank account. I’m quite happy to say that [...]

22 May 2007

Help me buy a MacBook Report: Week 2

Here’s the second weekly update for my “Help me buy a MacBook“

18 May 2007

Why Are People Still Using These HTML Tags / Attributes

Even though everything in this lists are all still valid and compliant in HTML standards, they are rather presentational and not meaningful. First, I list down the Tags: i bold u small hr center font Second, I list down the Attributes: align target name Can someone please enlighten me why YOU as a modern web [...]

14 May 2007

Help me buy a MacBook Report: Week 1

Here’s the first weekly update for my “Help me buy a MacBook” fundraising campaign. I’m happy to report that I’ve already almost at the halfway point of $1,800 USD for my MacBook drive. As you might notice, 1/3 of the donations came from the donations page and 2/3 of it from anonymous donators and close [...]

10 May 2007

Thank you 5Xmom

This is extremely long overdue post dedicated to 5Xmom. Sorry! Finally got myself a shot of Juliana wearing Yvonne Foong’s HEART4HOPE t-shirt. Moreover, I even force her to write ‘THANK YOU FOR THE T-SHIRT 5XMOM’ on a piece of paper. Anyway, I won the t-shirts from a contest held by 5Xmom last month (I’m not [...]

05 May 2007

Help me buy a MacBook

Now accepting donations until further notice.