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10 Apr 2009

External Content

Relying on external content can be no fun at all. Especially dealing with broken link, deleted media etc. If it’s mine or belong to me, that wouldn’t be a problem. YouTube videos, flickr photos — now who doesn’t link or embed to that. So I guess that’s why we see a lot of duplicate video [...]

03 Dec 2008

Just so you know, I registered a Facebook account just to view Aaron’s 22nd Birthday event. That’s all. Facebook is evil, time-wasting. You have been warned!

23 Oct 2007

There’s one thing that I hate when the blog that I’m subscribing is using feedburner to manage their blog feed — they splice. If you’re not familiar with feedburner, there’s a Link Splicer (splice your blog feed with your links feed i.e, furl) and a Photo Splicer (splice your blog feed with your photo [...]