17 Aug 2007

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse died

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse Well, not really. Both batteries has run empty last morning while I was in the middle of doing my work. When the low battery warning shows up it’s definitely annoying, blinking non-stop even if you remove the Bluetooth status from the menu bar. Surprisingly, the low battery warning only appear approximately 10 minutes before it died when it should warn me a lot sooner than that.

The 2 Energizer Lithium AA-sized batteries which was provided along with the wireless Mighty Mouse only lasted for about 2 month, the same date when I bought my MacBook. At first, I thought that both batteries would last longer around 3 to 4 month, but I was wrong. Having both batteries runs low at the same time is unbelievable. I suspect the batteries dried up very quickly because I never switch it off even it’s not being use. Not sure tough.

Anyway, currently the Mighty Mouse is left unused for a while until I could find a good rechargeable batteries for it. Still haven’t got any idea what brand or type should I buy. If you got any recommendation, feel free to shoot.

Tips: allows you to use 1 or 2 AA-sized batteries to power the mouse. It feels lighter if you only use 1 battery.


  1. thats bad.. my microsoft mouse lasts 2-3 times longer than that, and i never turned it off before (because there’s no switch for it =.=)

    high battery consumption = bad. :P

    i heard the samsung rechargable batts (forgot the name, but i remember it’s white in colour) is quite good. the last time i saw people selling is at lowyat, all it market. why not give it a try?


  2. I think the main reason it uses more is because it uses Bluetooth which is made for general devices, as opposed to a Microsoft mouse which probably had a base station.

    All comes down to Bluetooth using more power.


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