23 Oct 2007

Blog Feed, Links Feed, Photo Feed

There’s one thing that I hate when the blog that I’m subscribing is using to manage their blog feed — they splice.

If you’re not familiar with feedburner, there’s a Link Splicer (splice your blog feed with your links feed i.e del.icio.us, furl) and a Photo Splicer (splice your blog feed with your photo feed i.e flickr, buzznet) service under Optimize. By activating any of these services, you can combine your other feed (link or photo service that’s supported by feedburner) along with your blog feed.

Damn it! I subscribe to your blog feed NOT your flickr or del.icio.us feed. If I want to read your other feed, I’ll subscribe it separately. Get it?


  1. novatech

    tak elok marah2 encik zeo
    ekjas duet raya rm 10! ;P

  2. Yes I totally get it! I have also wondered this myself. It’s like I should know what I want and I don’t want. It is difficult enough as it is to be discerning on the web without someone trying to force you to have ‘fries’ with that whether you want them or not.