22 May 2007

Help me buy a MacBook Report: Week 2

Here’s the second weekly update for my “Help me buy a MacBook“


  1. wee. shopping spree next week. lol.

  2. Zeo

    Next week survey store. The another week go buy. Weee!

  3. i heard rumors that leopard will be release sometime in october…

  4. Zeo

    novatech, . But that 2 month to go.

  5. daNiaz a.k.a Juliana

    can’t imagine zeo wif new Apple MacBook.. sitting at Starbucks wif big headphone. LOL :))

  6. paeh

    sitting at the Starbucks, wif new macbook wearing only underwear & brown aviator rayban.COOL!!!Youre absolutely the best gay ever

  7. Zeo

    paeh and Juliana, very funny :P