09 Jan 2008

How to Fix iPhone Stuck Pixel

When I wake my iPhone this morning, I was greeted by a tiny green dot right in the middle of my iPhone screen. At first I thought it was a dead pixel but my iPhone was actually experiencing a stuck pixel.

After failing to fix this problem using for about 30 minutes, I was about to start panicking. But then I had this silly idea after looking how that app work. So this is what I did to fix my iPhone stuck pixel problem:

  1. Launch NES (assume that you already jailbreak your iPhone and install iPhone NES emulator).
  2. Choose and Start New Game. In my case I choose to play Mario Bros. Well, it doesn’t matter what game you play.
  3. Play the game for few minutes or second and hopefully the stuck pixel starts to disappear.

If you already play a game using iPhone NES emulator before, you should probably know why. It work for me, maybe it will work for you. But do try the iPhone Stuck Pixel app first.


  1. Mike

    Thanks for the pixel advice! It worked!


  2. Roo

    The NES solution sounds like even more fun that the stuck pixel app. :-) (I’d have chosen Mario Bros. too.)


  3. Chad

    The KNOX one worked for me:)


  4. Gonz

    great!! i played mario kart in gpsphone and it vanished in less than a minute. I was about to go to the apple store but thanks to you i didn’t :)


  5. Kfir

    Thanks a lot! it work perfect:)


  6. Cucho

    I were skiing and sudenly a small pixel line start to apear, after a few mintutes a small second line started to apear, an hour later this tiny lines were side to side of my screen an later they disapear but instead of them y get half of my screen full of freeze pixels!!
    I have tried de Knox app and its working, slow but working, y have my iphone all day long and there only a few pixels freeze so,
    if you got a loooot of freeze pixels just give this app a time to work on it!


  7. John K

    I had some luck using a different technique. The Knox iPhone Stuck Pixel Fix actually caused two more pixels to become semi-stuck, and massaging them didn’t help either. So I was in much worse shape after using the techniques mentioned on the web. I noticed my semi-stuck and other stuck pixels flickered when they were on a full black background. So, intead of the flashing web page I pulled up an all black page and let it sit on the screen for about 1/2 hour. The two semi-stuck pixels are now gone, and the last stuck pixel is now much more faded and flickers lightly. Hopefully a few more tried on black will fully fix it. Just a warning that pressing on the pixel and that flashing app caused my iPhone more harm then good.


  8. Shah

    I tried the KNOX method and it didn’t work for me. This one did though, so thanks very much.


  9. Patty

    Does anybody know if its any chance that somebody can fix my Iphone in Germany if is that Iphone from USA? Thank you so much for answers Im desperate!


  10. Beau

    I had a green stuck pixel directly in the center. My iPhone is not jailbroken but I took the hints above and tailored them… Actually just ran Cro Mag Rally. It went away in less than a lap. So non jailbroken phones try that or a graphic rich free game even if it is a demo the action should do the trick. Thanks for the advise.


  11. i not have signl in my iphone can any hlep im sceer


  12. Paula

    I went to answer my phone today and it would not allow me to answer or decline call. Then it got stuck vibrating the incoming call even after the caller had hung up and called on another line. Now, my phone won’t work. I power it off and on and it won’t show anything on the screen.

    Any help?


  13. ngoo

    i also have the same problem in my phone i have a horizontel line from one side to other side first it was only one inch long in leftside after one day it become longer and now its is becoming wider so i went to iphone repair place and they told it is display problem and i have to change the display and it will cost more tha $250 pls pls some one help me my email is mail me if any one having any easy and cheap way
    pls pls some one help me making it better


    • je

      Hi, just want to know if you were able to solve your problem on your iphone? I have exactly the same problem with my iphone. hope you could share your solution if ever you were able to fix the stuck pixel. thanks!


  14. Jon

    Wow! I was totally skeptical that this would work at first. I just installed a new LCD on my iPhone 3g and found a single stuck green pixel right in the middle of the screen. So I installed NES, good ol’ Super Mario Bros, and tried it. It worked!! Can someone explain why this works?? Is it because of how choppy the NES emulator is?


  15. Dennis Madsen

    I have a stock pixel too. In the left bottom of the screen. I’ve tried the Knox iPhone fix for 15 minutes without luck.

    My iPhone 3GS is not jailbroken. I’ve tried the Cro Mag Rally game without luck. Is there another game someone of you could recommend?

    My stock pixel is red, and I can only see it on black screen.


  16. Francis

    where i can dload the NES?! pls rep.


  17. Jon

    Hey guys, i only bought my iphone 3Gs last week, so was a little worried to find a red stuck pixel on the bottom right of my screen.

    I downloaded the Fix-a-Pixel app by binary moustache, with the flashing lights method. I have to say i was very skeptical. I didn’t even know what stuck pixels were until I asked a friend. People who wrote reviews said it worked for them after 20 minutes. I ran mine overnight and the stuck pixel was STILL there.

    Anyway, i kept using it for 30 minutes at a time during college the next day, i took it out of my pocket and the stuck pixel was starting to flicker back to life. I closed the app thinking it had fixed itself, yet it came back.

    I’ve just run the app again for 20 minutes whilst massaging it with a cloth, and its gone again :) I’ve kept the app running this time and i think its safe to say its gone for good.

    Basically guys, keep at it. I think the time it takes varies. In my case it took a day on and off. I would recommend using this flashing lights method, whilst at the same time massaging gently with a cloth. Just keep at it.


  18. bruna

    Hey guys, today i had the same problem with a stuck pixel, a red stuck pixel. The flashing app and playing some games just didn’t work… So i was really upset and just hitted the pixel with my nails… Well… I got my pixel working again!!! If nothing works for you, just try it!!!
    Anyways tnx for posting that, i had to hit my phone but at least i stopped thinking that it would be impossible to fix.

    Sorry my poor english! Thank u guys


  19. Troy

    Hey guys, i had a stuck red pixel in the middle of my iphone 3gs’ screen, i tried the colour flashy animation, and it didnt really do too much, but conviniently, i had accidently placed my iphone near a heater, it seemed to heat the screen while the flashy thing was doing whatever it does, and PRESTO! it was gone :D just thought i’d share :)


  20. Thank you this worked !!!! it took me a while But i got it to work.


  21. Deepak



  22. Billy Pooper

    I have stuck pixel and read on other website that small water drops on screen and then 5 seconds in microwave (not longer or cause damage) will fix


  23. Mel

    …. Don’t put your phone in a microwave.


  24. dk

    I have stuck pixel and read on other website that small water drops on screen and then 5 seconds in microwave (not longer or cause damage) will fix >> HAHAHA BAD PERSON


  25. steve

    damn if that didn’t work! not at first though — i ran knox and ipixel for about an hour, then tried nes one more time before giving up. that did the trick. thanks!


  26. Dinesh

    I don’t have stuck pixels on the middle of the screen but i have them on the all 4 corners of the screen … they are like dark grey color … and only visible on sunlight on a good light ….at night i can’t see them …..what are they … i tried to open the Knox page via my Iphone but seems the server is down …any1 else having the same problem ….then do share the solution ..


  27. Dinesh

    here is the picture of my problem … got it from site and i am having the same problem please help is this normal ….or it’s showing just for me



  28. LM

    Yes, Mel is quite correct. Please don’t put an iPhone into a microwave.


  29. Jorge

    Hola amigos, he visto en foros varios comentarios con respecto a como reparar los pixles “atascados” del iphone y les informo que SI TIENE SOLUCUÓN.
    Al principio probe con todo (ese programa que cambia de colores, hacer prensión con un paño humedo, golpearlo reiteradamente con un lapez, etc). Sin embargo, ninguno de estos medios me sirvio para solucionarlos.
    Ya practicamente resignado, hice un ultimo intento, pero de una forma distinta a las anteriores; lo que hice fue poner ese programa que cambia de colores y a la vez empece a hacer presión con un testonillador (con la punta mas o menos redonda) y envuelto con un paño humedo, haciendo prensión “fuerte” donde estaba el problema y empezo a moverse las manchas.
    Al principio todo bien, el problema es que empezo a esparcirse las manchas por todos lados, como varios puntitos. Al cabo de dos dias, empezaron a desaparecer los puntitos q se espariceron poniendo ese programa de colores, desapareciendo por fin todfos ellos.
    Como consejo, tengan “mucha pasiencia”, yo estuve practicamente 4 horas haciendo presión para que se dispersaran los pixeles atascados, y si bien el primer dia no logre q desaparecieran todos, al cabo de unos dias asi fue


  30. Raju

    I am using an iPhone 3g. I have recently fallen on my phone accidentally and hit on the screen with my elbow.

    After a few moments, i saw some grey spots on the phone. The screen is intact and the touch functionalities are fine too. The touch on the grey area is also fine.

    Can someone please tell me what should I do now regarding these grey spots on my phone. I dont know if these are dead pixels or not, but I can see the grey mark on screen even when my phone is on standby mode.


  31. Doug


    The “Grey” things you are speaking of is probably some dust that has worked its way under the screen. I have the same problem. You will have to remove the screen and clean the back of the screen. This will void any warranty that you might have so you might want a professional to do this for you. I have verified this with an Apple store and this was their suggestion. If you keep your iPhone in your back pocket without a case then you are more likely to get dust under your screen. This is just a theory of mine. I have 2 other friends that have the same issue as I have had and they didn’t have cases and they kept them in their back pockets. Apple says it’s dust.


  32. carlos

    i had the same problem, there xwa a grey line in my phone. with tried massagin it and it worked, the grey line began to move to a side of the screen, but a few days later a notice some red dots were the grey line was, and this red dots won move… i don’t know if they are stuck pixels because they don’t flicker, i think its the same problen as you “Jorge” can you tell me how did you make yours go? you can answer in spanish if you like. please help…


  33. Wow... Amazing

    TY so much glad that people are willing to share their knowledge on infrequent problems like these xD


  34. nathan

    sos my iphone is completly frozen after sorting the pixel prob and i can’t do anything is there anything i can do ?? or am i completely f***ed


  35. rahman

    Hey Guys,

    Just Push your screen at that point , it will be ok, anyway this method worked for me and as Doug said this is probably some dust.


  36. lol people dont try Microwave heating yr phone for not even 1 sec
    it might blast yr Microwave and destroy yr Phone
    the person saying it probably is a Loser who cant buy an Iphone and
    wants to Kill Yours .. =PPP


  37. breadbaker

    I recently have a single stuck (red) pixel in the middle of the screen returning once in a while.
    Mostly it gets stuck on some intense sessions of Street Fighter IV, but I guess that symptom is not limited to that special game.

    Most of the time “gentle” pressure (don’t crack your screen, dudes) rubbing a bit above that pixel brings everything back to normal. (btw. this works on any other lcd screens, too).

    If this happens to me, I immediately quit any running app, apply gentle pressure on that pixel while on the springboard. Most of the time the stuck pixel fades away after that. If not – I hard reset the iDevice (hold 10secs Home+Sleep) and power it back on.

    These procedure has only failed me once, where I tried the Knox color fade app and fixed it that way.

    Also: find the “pressure point” for your stuck pixel. Mine is not exactly above it but a bit to the left. Your milage may vary. Just don’t panic.

    Another thing: for the peepz with speckles not related to stuck pixels: choose a white background and look at the screen from different sharp angles – if it seems the speckle is changing to a lighter color it is most likely a tiny scratch mark within the glass. Most likely those are just visible under a few certain conditions.
    If they stay dark it may be indeed dust, but please refrain from taking your iDevice apart if you never done that before and you don’t know what you are doing, you will most likely damage other parts of your device. There are a lot of specialized service dealers that will do that for you for less than 25 bucks. If you don’t need spare parts they’ll clean/service your device for less than a stop at the gas station.

    By any means: don’t panic!


  38. ex pixeler

    Hey listen, i just went through all of the websites trying to figure out how to get a stuck pixel off of my screen i had two a red one in the middle and a green one all the way at the top in the middle and what i read at this site was to apply a LOT of pressure on it and then after a couple of seconds turn the iphone on(while still applying pressure) i had to do this a couple of times and it worked!


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