31 May 2007

I Can Has MacBook

Just a short update on my “Help me buy a MacBook” report for week 3. You won’t be hearing anymore of this until I purchase the MacBook that I promised to buy.

Finally, all donation funds for my MacBook have completed and successfully transferred to my local bank account. I’m quite happy to say that I can make the purchase anytime.

I went to IKEA yesterday planning to buy a bigger computer desk. But the desk that I really like ran out of stock (forgot the desk model name). The new stock will be arriving soon somewhere in the middle of month June. And why a new desk you might ask? Well, my current workspace desk at home is considered to be medium size. I need bigger space to put more stuff. Yes, bigger!

Anyhoo, I found out that there’s a “Why U’ll love a mac” Demo Days (workshop) this 10th of June at Machines Mid Valley Megamall. I’m planning to go, who want to follow?


  1. adielz

    salamz…long time no see bro…makin macho..tetap ‘long-john’… hehehe…gud luck with ur macbook..nyway..Aidi dah ‘selamat’ minggu lepas..kalo ko x tau la…hehe..ko plak bile??

  2. Zeo

    adielz, tak pegi lah. Bigg pun inform last minute. Ko dah guna MacBook gak ker?

  3. adielz

    x pakai..ade imac g5 je..macbook mcm over price..aku cari yg budget2 skit..DELL..ok la kalo tambah ram..

  4. zeo, kau still accept ke donation tu? btw link yang ada kat donation page tu kekal eh? he3.

  5. Zeo

    CypherHackz, still can donate for my future Apple accessories purchase.