09 May 2008

WordPress Comment Form Skip Link

Skip link (or Skip Navigation link) for comment form is really important when your entry has a lot of comments. But there’s no point in having one when your comment form is just few pixel away after the entry.

This is how you can show the skip link if the comment reach n number of comments. Example below will make the skip link appear if 1) comment status is open 2) comment count is more and equal to 4.

  1. Open your Theme’s comments.php file.
  2. After (or anywhere you find suitable) paste these lines:
            Skip to comment form


    to “

    Skip to comment form

    Don't forget to style the codes to match your layout.

  3. Finally, make sure that an element with ID attribute respond is added or assigned. For example:

    Leave a Reply

    Preferably right before the comment form.

    Using named anchor () is outdated but still possible.

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  1. Nice, I do the same but include the link in the sidebar. :)


  2. thanks for the sharing. save time from scrolling the mouse. :)


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  4. informative post, keep it up.,


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