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18 Aug 2007


To whom it may concern, I’ve discontinued the use of my old Yahoo! account – daniazz that I primarily use for chatting (Yahoo! Messenger). My new ID is safirulalredha. The old Yahoo! account has been serving me for nearly 5 years and the reason I use it in the first place because of the online [...]

17 Aug 2007

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse died

Well, not really. Both batteries has run empty last morning while I was in the middle of doing my work. When the low battery warning shows up it’s definitely annoying, blinking non-stop even if you remove the Bluetooth status from the menu bar. Surprisingly, the low battery warning only appear approximately 10 minutes before it [...]

02 Aug 2007

Weekend to-do list

This weekend, Saturday (hopefully) going to KL Convention Centre for PIKOM PC Fair (II). Also going to checkout Machines new store at Suria KLCC. So if anyone want to hang out? Give me a call.

11 Jul 2007

What? No Updates?

That’s the problem when you bought lots of new gadget (other than MacBook and Sony Ericsson K810i) in the same month. Moral of the month, don’t buy anything that have or related to the word Game when you’re on tight schedules or deadlines in that particular month. Lesson learned.

17 Jun 2007

Say Hello to MacBook

I thought I give some quick updates on what happen on the 12th of June, the date when I bought my MacBook. Supposedly, I should write about this earlier but I was not feeling to well. So here I am blogging from my brand new spanking black MacBook. Oh, you should be jealous by now [...]

14 Jun 2007

The title really sounds Web 2.0 does it? Finally my prediction are true, Chan Kee Siak (ksstudio) has announced himself as the new owner of Bincang.Net. Chan is also the owner of Exabytes and Webmaster Malaysia.

12 Jun 2007

Say Hello to K810i

There was some sort of guessing game yesterday among my Twitter friends and sadly, everyone was wrong. Actually, I bought myself a Sony Ericsson K810i. Oh my, how can you resist the metallic round keypad. As you can see, the plastic wrap is still there and I haven’t take it off. Not planning to remove [...]