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05 Nov 2008

Uninstall Option for WordPress theme

Useful uninstall option “snippet” for your WordPress theme admin option. Basically, this reverts WordPress to the default theme and removes all theme settings from the database. Change option your_theme with your own: global $wpdb; delete_option(‘your_theme’); switch_theme(‘default’, ‘default’); wp_cache_flush(); wp_redirect(‘themes.php?activated=true’); exit();

04 Nov 2008


Not updating for quite a long time. Well, I’m not the only one but almost everyone that I knew… I wonder why? Other commitment maybe?

11 Jul 2008

WordPress Olive T-Shirt

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17 May 2008


UPDATE: A newer version to support the latest version of WordPress (2.8) will be release soon. If you’re interested to get an early copy, do shoot me an email. Download k9 WordPress theme. Only compatible with WordPress 2.5 and above. Features Custom Header WordPress Widgets Screenshot

10 May 2008

iTerm keep-alive

This is a note to self on how to enable iTerm keep-alive or anti-idle option. Open iTerm. Go to Bookmarks → Manage Profiles… . In Profiles window, browse to Terminal Profiles and expand the menu by clicking the triangle. Choose and click on Default. Tick the “When idle, sends ASCII code” and set its value [...]

09 May 2008

WordPress Comment Form Skip Link

Skip link (or Skip Navigation link) for comment form is really important when your entry has a lot of comments. But there’s no point in having one when your comment form is just few pixel away after the entry. This is how you can show the skip link if the comment reach n number of [...]

30 Apr 2008

Iron Man

I’ve been listening to Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” song over and over again.