26 Jan 2008

Can’t Access iTunes Store with Maxis Wireless Broadband

It’s almost been two week since I use Maxis Wireless Broadband using the supplied Huawei E220 USB modem. Until today I still not able to access iTunes Store. It seems fine if I’m connecting using Maxis 3G from my phone, but not if I’m connecting using Maxis Wireless Broadband (Maxis High-Speed 3G broadband).

My wild guess is: iTunes Store blocked because Maxis had their own Music Unlimited store. Who knows?


  1. I’ve been using Maxis Wireless Broadband with the ZTE MF600 bulky modem and certain website can’t be accessed even on HSDPA. Better stay with Streamyx if you have to.


  2. iTune is blocked because Maxis considers it as a P2P software


  3. My name is HaywireGoWireless

    Correct me if i’m wrong,

    So what you’re saying is.. Maxis banned all p2p software,is it? what about BT’s file!? Damn! what is the point having an internet connection if u cant use all that?

    today, my friend just subscribes to the RM68 maxis broadband and bring home the ZTE MF600 hsdpa wireless Terminal.i helped him out connecting the RJ45 cross cable provided, into his laptop,that’s what maxis people told him to do first thing. Well work fine at first and then fluctuate and then back on again.OK FINE..So my friend and i guess it’s about time to go wireless,and we fail to established the connection detected,the ZTE is just less than 1 metre away from the laptop!!(oh, we also check the radio signal RSSI to make sure it constantly on and even put it near the window too,and a great amount of masking tape..it was his idea..and Yeah, we look like a numbnut.and guess what, we only got 2 bar out of 5 the wireless signal strenght.

    so we entered, and we leave the setting intact and default even if we do established the connection.. there’s no password protected provided from the hsdpa modem. we checked the guide book and no setting for securing the connection too… and tonight his enjoying his internet using crosswired RJ45 with his wireless modem.isn’t that odd?! he probably cursing the maxis right now. FIY he’s using Win Vista 32bit. and Yes,his previously-work-fine-Limewire didn’t work under maxis anymore.

    Any idea why is this happen? can anybody tell us why before decided to switch to celcom Broadband? or maybe someone can give us a reason not to? pay already rugi maaa!


  4. HatingMaxisBroadBand

    T.T sad… i’m facing the same problem.


  5. Sucks Maxis Wireless Broadband

    Maxis Wireless Broadband really sucks hell alot!!
    I can’t even use MSN to chat!!
    Say no to Maxis Wireless Broadband!! They cheat people and they scam!!!
    Maxis Wireless Broadband go to HELL!!


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