14 May 2007

Help me buy a MacBook Report: Week 1

Here’s the first weekly update for my “Help me buy a MacBook” fundraising campaign.

I’m happy to report that I’ve already almost at the halfway point of $1,800 USD for my MacBook drive. As you might notice, 1/3 of the donations came from the donations page and 2/3 of it from anonymous donators and close friends. Please take note that the current amount received does not include my own and I thank you guys for making this happen.

Anyway, I’m still looking for any potential advertiser that want their button to be display on my sidebar. Contact me through email if interested.

Feeling lost?

For those that are still don’t have a clue what is this all about, I’m currently collecting donations to buy a 13-inch Black MacBook with an estimated price of RM5999 replacing my dying laptop. This is where “Help me buy a MacBook” steps in. And I hope to get it somewhere in July or October because is expected to be released during that period.

Making things more interesting

If you are an individual or company already or planning to donate, your advertisement is not strict only on this blog. Instead if you got a sticker that represents you or your company kindly send it in to me so that I can stick it on the MacBook. Yes, I have a habit of sticking sticker on my laptop (well, who doesn’t). Your sticker will be shown around KL / Klang Valley Starbucks and also business meetings, conferences that I’m going to attend in the near future.

Anyhoo, here are the blogs that kindly wrote about my “Help me buy a MacBook”:

Did I miss anyone? Don’t worry; let me know and I’ll mention about your entry on my next update. Finally, Artgeex was kind enough to spare some time to create “Help zeo buy a MacBook” button.


  1. loop

    kukujiao got hacked?

    but anyways, i’d like to donate, but i dont hv paypal.

    but i got maybank2u tho.

  2. Zeo

    loop, I got few enquiry regarding that too. And it seems that PayPal currently have some problem with certain country.

    Anyway, I’ve already added my Maybank acc at the donations page.

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