10 May 2007

Thank you 5Xmom

HEART4HOPE t-shirt This is extremely long overdue post dedicated to 5Xmom. Sorry!

Finally got myself a shot of Juliana wearing Yvonne Foong’s HEART4HOPE t-shirt. Moreover, I even force her to write ‘THANK YOU FOR THE T-SHIRT 5XMOM’ on a piece of paper. Anyway, I won the t-shirts from a contest held by 5Xmom last month (I’m not telling what the contest is about. Malu!).

In my humble opinion, HEART4HOPE t-shirt really suitable for girl not men. That’s one of the reason that I gave the t-shirt to my girlfriend instead of me wearing it for myself. By any chance if you want to order for yourself or your love one, you can visit Yvonne’s Online Store.

Terima kasih auntie Lilian!


  1. Eh, apa malu-malu, Hottest Male Blogger? Hahaha. The design for metrosexuals jugak lah.


  2. yeah la… tak payah malu la…


  3. Hmm…didn’t know about this. I should get one for the GF!

    - MENJ


  4. Ehhh… you ordered for L, didnt you? Oh dear, but your gf looks slim!


  5. Zeo


    Yvonne, yeah it was a little bit big for her but OK la. She like wearing oversize t-shirt anyway.


  6. miahahaha… hottest male blogger. kui3.


  7. sis, that t-shirt suit for gayrl. u should like it la.. haahhahah!!!


  8. daNiaz a.k.a Juliana

    tq so much (malu seh!)


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