09 Apr 2008

While everyone is trying to increase their RSS / Atom subscribers, this is how you can offer no feed to your readers on your WordPress.

  1. Go to Settings → Reading sub-panel.
  2. Under Syndication feeds show the most recent is set to -1 (negative 1) posts.
04 Apr 2008

Remove blog from WordPress.com Blog Stats?

I got few self-hosted WordPress blog registered under my WordPress.com account in order to use WordPress.com Stats. Unfortunately, there are blogs that I accidentally added to this account and for that reason I would like to remove these blogs. The problem is how?

Deactivating WordPress.com Stats plugins from the blogs doesn’t help. Even with clearing the API key brings no luck. I guess doing it manually on your own won’t work. I’m trying to figure this one out without sending an email to the folks over at WordPress.com support.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: I’ve contacted WordPress.com support and they have removed the blog from my Dashboard WordPress.com stats list. But now, it seems that the blog can’t be added again after it was removed.

26 Jan 2008

Can’t Access iTunes Store with Maxis Wireless Broadband

It’s almost been two week since I use Maxis Wireless Broadband using the supplied Huawei E220 USB modem. Until today I still not able to access iTunes Store. It seems fine if I’m connecting using Maxis 3G from my phone, but not if I’m connecting using Maxis Wireless Broadband (Maxis High-Speed 3G broadband).

My wild guess is: iTunes Store blocked because Maxis had their own Music Unlimited store. Who knows?

09 Jan 2008

How to Fix iPhone Stuck Pixel

When I wake my iPhone this morning, I was greeted by a tiny green dot right in the middle of my iPhone screen. At first I thought it was a dead pixel but my iPhone was actually experiencing a stuck pixel.

After failing to fix this problem using for about 30 minutes, I was about to start panicking. But then I had this silly idea after looking how that app work. So this is what I did to fix my iPhone stuck pixel problem:

  1. Launch NES (assume that you already jailbreak your iPhone and install iPhone NES emulator).
  2. Choose and Start New Game. In my case I choose to play Mario Bros. Well, it doesn’t matter what game you play.
  3. Play the game for few minutes or second and hopefully the stuck pixel starts to disappear.

If you already play a game using iPhone NES emulator before, you should probably know why. It work for me, maybe it will work for you. But do try the iPhone Stuck Pixel app first.

04 Dec 2007

I has Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone …and a happy birthday to me.

If you’re wondering, I’m not using it as a phone but instead as a replacement for my old and boring iPod nano. I guess now I’m one of those owner in Malaysia.

Even without unlocking the phone function, this thing is simply amazing.

10 Nov 2007

Garfield Found Hanged

Yes, I’m not joking. . Actually, it’s another joke made by mom in which, according to her it would scare the monkeys away.

07 Nov 2007

Remove WordPress rsd_link(), wlwmanifest_link(), wp_generator()

rsd_link(), wlwmanifest_link(), wp_generator() (introduced in revision 6195) are bunch of WordPress default filters that clutter the section of your theme template file:



Not using it?

Simply remove those lines by adding the following to your theme functions.php:

remove_action('wp_head', 'rsd_link');
remove_action('wp_head', 'wlwmanifest_link');

if (function_exists('wp_generator')) {
        remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');


remove_action('wp_head', 'rsd_link');
remove_action('wp_head', 'wlwmanifest_link');

function remove_generator() {
        return '';

add_filter('the_generator', 'remove_generator');

Now, that really clears my HEAD.